Sigrid O'Callaghan Psychologist Psychotherapist


Psychotherapy helps people to feel and cope better. It is a process of talking things through so that concerns are well understood and addressed.

Therapy can be brief (up to 12 sessions) whilst addressing immediate experiences such as an unexpected change at work, a relationship breakdown, or a sudden loss etc.

Medium to long-term psychotherapy aims at developing an overall stronger sense of emotional resilience and connectedness. Brief therapy can sometimes develop into ongoing work if clients wish to make long-lasting changes to their sense of authenticity, autonomy and vitality.


Published Congress Report. PSYCHOTHERAPY IN AUSTRALIA, Vol 17 Nr 1

Responding to Psychic Equivalence – Mentalizing the Transference and Containing Unthinkable Thoughts
POPIG Conference, 18-19 October 2013, Brisbane

Working in the Moment - Mentalizing in Borderline States
POPIG Presentation